Deliberations of Doom Ep 21: Dario Argento Pt 1


In which the long-discussed episode covering Italian horror maestro Dario Argento finally comes to pass. In this part the first, we talk about The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, and Deep Red.

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5 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom Ep 21: Dario Argento Pt 1”

  1. Great show, can’t wait to hear the next part. Seen “Deep Red” and “Bird…” many times, interested in finding “Four Flies…”.

    I remember the first time watching “DR” it was on a pan-and-scan VHS tape and the all-important image at the murder scene was pan-and-scanned off the edge of the screen… when the reveal happened, I wound the tape back and you just couldn’t see it.

    Isn’t “DR” the one with the creepy doll attack? I spilled a drink the first time I saw that… I was just focused on the centre of the screen, trying to see what the victim was looking at, and then this door opened at the edge and this bizarre walking doll appears walking towards the camera. Freaked me the hell out.

  2. Jean-François Martel

    you know, as “problematic” as Argento is in his representation of Queer characters, i usually enjoy them more than not. Usually in movies from this era Queer people just don’t exist, but the fact that in his world we do exist, and we play an active part in the story he’s telling makes me happy. The characters (especially in Flies and Deep Red) have surprising depth despite being borderline caricatures sometimes. I dunno, i can’t be mad because Argento did more in the 70’s than most filmmakers bother to do nowadays.

  3. Jean-François Martel

    Oh thank god i’m not the only one who didn’t enjoy Four Flies all that much. It’s got good parts but it was kinda boring. And i don’t know if it was just the copy i got (it looked like a VHS rip or something) but the editing was fucking weird.

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