Highly Suspect Reviews: Phantom Thread


Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock (titter), a famed dressmaking fashion king who puts silk on the backs of celebrities and royalty. When he meets a young girl named Alma (Vicky Krieps) he is taken with her, but is it more as a lover or as someone with the right frame to hang his dresses on? And how long will she, or anyone, put up with his eccentricities? Oh, the unmitigated tension. Paul Thomas Anderson directs Lewis here in what may be (if he’s serious this time) the actor’s last role. Chris, Lara, Jacob, and Ian review this movie in what may be (assuming they had as much fun as it seemed recording this) not even close to their last review for this website.

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3 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Phantom Thread”

  1. The quote you’re thinking of Chris is between Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. As the story goes, Dustin Hoffman was deep into method acting for Marathon Man where he was depriving himself of sleep, letting the other actors actually abuse him like in the script and other extreme measures to get the right vibe for his performance. When he was talking to Olivier about it, Olivier told him something along the lines of “Why don’t you try acting?” It’s a great story. And it’s not meant to completely belittle method acting as a craft, but sometimes it can go too far.

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