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Highly Suspect Reviews: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Somehow, out of all the NOT Harry Potter or Hunger Games YA adapted series, it was the Maze Runner books that actually made it to the end of their three movie run. I would have put my bets on Beautiful Creatures, but here we are. In this final chapter, our runners attempt to rescue their own from the ridiculously acronymed WCKD corp. In doing so they encounter again the traitor in their group, discover that one they thought was dead is no longer, and generally blow the fuck up out of an entire city. So what’s not to like (or at least, grudgingly admit was amusing)? Well, Chris had seen all three of these and thought they were ‘ok’. But he dragged Michael and Zach in without any experience with the series, so for those of you who never saw the first two and were planning on seeing the third (um, are there any?) we’ve got you covered.

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