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Highly Suspect Reviews: Hostiles

Christian Bale is a VERY tired soldier. In 1892, he is right about to be done with the whole thing when his captain gives him one last order to fulfill: take this dying Cheyenne war chief they have in custody, and his family, on a LONG trip back to their tribal lands in Montana so he can die there. Having fought the Native Americans for years in a bloody and protracted war, Bale isn’t happy about it and the trip with him and several other folks (including Timothee Chalamet, Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons, and eventually Ben Foster) starts off on kind of a tense note, to say the least. Even worse when they come across a shell-shocked widow (Rosamund Pike) whose whole family had just been slaughtered in front of her by the Commanche. But somehow, along the way, these characters change, and to very interesting effect. Frank and Chris, who review this for your pleasure, were quite surprised that there wasn’t considerably more hullabaloo in awards season for this quiet but extremely intense western. Check out their review here.

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