Eye on the Prize- Ep 8: And the Nominees Are…

Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

The Prizefighters have gathered to cover the event they’ve been eagerly anticipating: the Academy Awards nominations. There will be a thorough discussion of that, detours into their favorite best actor and actress winners, a dissing on the Razzies and other bits of sleep deprived silliness we won’t spoil. Comment on the page to talk about your favorite nominees or biggest omissions.

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2 thoughts on “Eye on the Prize- Ep 8: And the Nominees Are…”

  1. My favourite performance of the last decade was Jake Gylenhall in Nightcrawler and he didn’t even get nominated. Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood is a close second.

  2. I really don’t care about all the awards but I like to see who gets nominated. That said I really am enjoying your show and just listening to you guys talk about movies. Because of this show I made it a point to go see The Florida Project for the 1 week it actually played by me. I was quite moved by it so thank you for pushing that my way. Once the award season is over I hope that you 3 get together to discussions something else.

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