Best of Everything in 2017


Instead of doing a boring old top ten list or going podcast by podcast through all the possible topics for “Best of 2017” shows, we decided this year to just put a bunch of our staff together from different shows and parts of the site, and get them in a conversation about what were their favorite things from the year. Whether it be movies, comics, video games, albums. Listen to Chris Cox, Johnny Neill, Rob Summers, Mike McCallister, Aaron Woodul, Michael Riojas, and TJ Bozarth tell you all the reasons why maybe 2017 wasn’t THAT bad.

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4 thoughts on “Best of Everything in 2017”

  1. rullerofallmarmalade

    I dont know who it was on mic but someone was either sick or burping or hiccuping or coughing or trying gregorian chant but it was driving me insane to the point I had to stop the podcast. If you are sick please do not record, because as a someone who’s listening with headphones its like Chinese water torture but for your ears.

  2. Great show, loved listening to it. Chris said that someone would mention stuff you missed… hate to be that guy, but I don’t think anyone mentioned either “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” or “Spider-Man: Homecoming” other than a passing reference to ‘the other Marvel movies’ when talking about “Thor: Ragnarok”. Loved both (haven’t seen Thor yet).

  3. Of the stuff on your lists that i have seen or read, I agree with almost all of it. I didn’t realize I loved Noah Hawley until I watched Legion and then felt compelled to watch. I have two problems.

    Baby Driver left me feeling hollow. The cool soundtrack, the effective but unbelievable car chase scenes, and the good action scenes meant nothing to me because I did not give a shit about anything that was happening AT ALL. I blame Ansel Elgort and Lily James’s boring central plot for this problem.

    IT (2017) frustrated me. Its drama works really well and the kids (for the most part) are great, even if several of them felt unnecessary except for later plot points. However, every single attempt at horror fails because all of its attempts to set up atmosphere and have scary visuals are ruined by annoying camera work and shaky editing or the stupid clown running at the camera and screaming like a moron.

    Colossal was a big surprise to me and I want more giant monster surprises in the future.

    I guess it is good that there was so much good media since the year was a disaster outside of entertainment.

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