Somebody Likes It Ep 118: Wolf Alice – “Visions of a Life”

Wolf Alice…Wolf Alice? It’s one of those band names like 10,000 Maniacs that reminds you that band names are less about musical content and more about whats funny when you are having beers after band practice…

Metallica=Metal+Vodka (not making this up)

Was gonna show some more examples, but do I really need to?

SO…podcast overlord Chris Cox hates it when I do this, but he’s the MAN so fuck it…I’m gonna post some spoilers…

Wolf Alice’s first LP My Love Is Cool (again with the inside jokes?) is one of my absolute favorite records of the last 10 years, I cannot overstate how much I love that album. It is a home run top to bottom.

I was hoping Visions of a Life by Wolf Alice wasn’t a Sophomore slump and when I listened to it I…

Podcast Overlord Chris Cox–“Shane!”

Shane–“Whatever you’re not my real dad…”

Podcast Overlord Chris Cox–“Seriously?! You’ve been doing this for 3 years!”

Shane–“Whatever you’re not my real dad…” (inaudible)

Upon reflection, I feel that I should perhaps let the listeners of “Somebody Likes It” make their own minds up about Visions of a Life┬áby Wolf Alice…

Next exciting episode Ryan picked DREAM THEATER!!!



Ryan–“It’s not Dream Theater! And you know this.”


(ok fine, its Dream Syndicate…but that’s way more boring right?)

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