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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Charles Dickens. We all knew he was responsible for some of the most beloved works of literature from the 19th century. And that it’s because of him there’s gotta be a new goddamn version of A Christmas Carol every freakin’ year. But hold on, that’s because it really was quite good. Timeless, even. So here we go with the META version, as Dan Stevens plays the writer, stuck between books, unclear how to proceed past the earliest conceiving of the character of Scrooge (played wonderfully here by Christopher Plummer), when he starts hallucinating (or is it just the writer processing?) the characters from the novel appearing to him and writing the story with him. Maybe it’s a new family Xmas classic, maybe it’ll be entirely forgotten in a few years, it’s honestly hard to predict these things, but Chris, Marco, and Michael give it their best shot.

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