Highly Suspect Reviews: Justice League


Well, here we are. After several disappointing films and one solid one, the DCU has built up to their big team-up film. What, we got yer Batman, we got yer Aquaman, we got yer Flash, we got yer Wonder Woman, and we got yer Cyborg. Pretty much the Justice League, right? Yeah, and that other guy who may or may not make an appearance. Lots of arms crossed and cynical predictions going into this one but did it surprise us? Listen to Chris, Michael, Elliot, Zach, JC, and Marco form their own super-team in the review.

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5 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Justice League”

  1. Thanks for the review and thanks for being a lot more reasonable towards it them most other reviewers.
    Couple notes…

    1 – Snyder never said he wanted Batman to get raped in prison, he was using it as a metaphorical example to convey how dark a tone he would be going for if he did his own Batman film.
    2 – Anyone who claims Clark didn’t WANT to be a superhero in the first half of Man of Steel missed the point so hard It’s utterly insane. He was literally arguing with his dad from when he was a kid up to the tornado scene that he needs to get out there and help people. He was NEVER held back by a lack of desire to help people he was held back by fear of causing more harm then good. Hence his dad’s line “there is more at stake then our lives or the lives of those (directly) around us”.
    Pa feared the revelations of Aliens existing would cause instability & even war in society.
    3 – The most obvious reason I think they made Steppenwolf CGI instead of prop armor & make up is because Apocalypse failed so hard when done that way last year. I actually liked his armor design but he was WAY too small to convey much menace & Issac’s face didn’t help.
    4 – CHRIS COX – I don’t recall any laugh out loud moments in Winter Soldier or X-men Days of Future Past and you strongly liked both of them?
    5 – Aquaman has almost never had a genuine 3 pronged Trident see pic related. They got it pretty much exactly like it is in the comics. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0155839d92a2f0bc14dbea740306d106213f2f9e959fd205bdf5ea2b66e4e26a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dbef21f28b7b4ad4e11b98320eae0a0dcc101028742e310e0341c9ba343bcac7.jpg

  2. Question: how was the music? Did you like how Elfman brought back his Batman theme along with Williams’ Superman theme and Zimmer’s Wonder Woman theme?

    1. Yes! Loved the Elfman score! We were talking about that before the podcast started rolling. Dug the score.

    2. I enjoyed the score enough. It was nice hearing the Danny Elfman Batman theme again, but I really enjoyed the small usage of the 78 Superman Theme more

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