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Eye On the Prize – Ep 1: Humble Beginnings

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Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

Oscar season is upon us and we have launched a new podcast to keep you up to date on who is on track to take home the gold. This is Eye on the Prize with Justin Zarian, a limited run podcast for cinephiles who want to do fantasy football without that whole sports thing. This week is a bit of a softball to find the show’s footing, but Ian Butcher and J.C. DeLeon are along for the ride as we discuss our background with the Oscars, recent precursor award shows like the Indie Spirit Awards, some of our dream nominations and other fun tidbits. So sit back and enjoy this incredibly nerdy discussion on Hollywood’s most prestigious time of year.

NOTE: There were a few audio issues with this first recording. I (Justin Zarian) have done some extensive editing to iron some of the kinks out, but we hope to have everything resolved for the next episode. I also need to remember not to put the microphone so close to the keyboard…​

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