Digital Noise Episode 175: Evil In the Time of Podcasters

Digital Noise

Aaron and Chris get to their list of home releases and have a great time doing so. As is their wont. Check out all the fun reviews for the latest Blu-Rays and DVDs!




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4 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 175: Evil In the Time of Podcasters”

  1. Jeez, it’s hard hearing George ‘My corpse isn’t even cold yet’ Romero thrown under the bus so hard just for existing in the past. I really don’t want to get into a political debate here but it’s sad that this very recently deceased hero of cinema (whilst admittedly not the best filmmaker, his influence on horror, popular culture and low budget cinema is undeniable) is talked about like this simply cos he existed in a time where you couldn’t even fathom how much gender politics would change, or how hysterical people would become on the subject at the drop of a hat.

    1. We DID address how different the time was. And have many times addresses Romero’s contributions to cinema. However, we’re not going to LIE about the quality of these films in order to not offend anyone because he recently died. Romero made LOTS of great films. These are not three of them and even HE SAYS AS MUCH HIMSELF in the bonus features.

  2. Quick correction, the original version of Blow Out was an Italian film called Blow-Up by Antonioni, not Godard. I think this is the one you were referencing? Blow-Up is terrific, Blow Out is pretty fun too!

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