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Somebody Likes It – Ep 116 – Blackalicious: “Blazing Arrow”

By now, we’re familiar with the Blackalicious mojo: Gift of Gab throwing obsessive, complicated rhymes over the steady propulsive backbeat dropped by one Chief Xcel, a formula that’s earned the pair accolades. But all rocket ships launch from somewhere, and it’s clear word spread about the duo during production…how else might we factor the parade of guest turns on their first full-length, from Cut Chemist to Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha to, well, Harry Nilsson?

Okay, maybe Nillson didn’t ‘actively’ participate, but that doesn’t mean Blazing Arrow is less than a tempting stew of influences and co-conspirators, stirring intrigue and a quickened pulse. Friend of the show and music journalist Chad Swiatecki drops by as we try to unpack where the head bobs begin, exactly.

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