Somebody Likes It Ep 112: Jerry Reed – “The Essential Jerry Reed”


Pioneer of “trucker country,” Jerry Reed, turns out, falls in my sweet spot. The man was rapping (albeit with a country twang) before that was a thing, could finger-pick his way out of a wet burlap sack, and was pretty damn funny while doing so.

I generally don’t care for my music and humor intertwined (see: Tenacious D), but apparently if the songs deliver, caution to the wind.

The man is probably best remembered for playing second-fiddle to Burt Reynolds in the Smokey and the Bandit movies these days, but the man could deliver a hook.

Can’t promise that my good buddies (breaker 1-9) on the show will rise to my level of enthusiasm, but that’s their loss. Tune in and figger’ out why Jerry Reed’s Essential compilation earns its moniker.

That’s a good 10-4,

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