Highly Suspect Reviews: The Snowman

The Snowman Movie Review

Well, here it is. Our review for what, despite the massive pedigree that would seem to spell out “good movie”, is one of the worst movies we’ve seen this year. Michael Fassbender plays a broken police detective in Norway who is chasing a mysterious ‘snowman’ killer. And lots of other irrelevant stuff happens, including, for some reason, a conspicuously ADRed Val Kilmer in the past acting like a lunatic. Words fail me on my keyboard as to how truly terrible this movie is. But they don’t fail us in the review. Listen to Chris, Marco, Lara, Patience, and Ian take this movie DOWN.

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2 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: The Snowman”

  1. Disappointing to hear but enjoyable review for sure.
    They probably dubbed Val’s voice because of his throat cancer.

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