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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Killing of a Sacred Deer

You get so excited to talk about a movie sometimes and then you hit record and you’re like, “How the hell do I get across what this film made me feel like?” The Killing of a Sacred Deer is one of those films…entrancing, complex, difficult to summarize.

Basically, Colin Farrell plays a surgeon with a God complex who is hanging out with a teenager (Barry Keoghan) who he feels (although he’d never admit it) that he owes a debt to. When the teenager calls in the debt in a reality-shattering fashion, it’s Farrell’s wife (Nicole Kidman) and his two children who suffer for it.

We all really dug this, while admitting fully that it is not a film for everybody. Check out our review with Chris, Lara, Frank, and Ian.

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