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Highly Suspect Reviews: Only the Brave

Are you familiar with the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots? A fire crew of badasses in Arizona? No? Ok, don’t look them up. You’ll thank me later. Watch this movie about their story without that background information. Here, Josh Brolin plays the leader of this crew of manly men who is married to Jennifer Connelly. His boss is Jeff Bridges. Miles Teller is the new guy with a sordid past determined to make a better man of himself A strong cast, but it sounds a little flag-wavey, right? Upon actually seeing it, we didn’t think so, but we do admit that a film so determined to pay faithful tribute to these important men might have some troubles in the ‘keeping the drama tight’ department. Still, Chris, Frank, and Elliott found a lot to like in this film that we suspect large parts of America will downright fall to pieces over.

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