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Highly Suspect Reviews: Happy Death Day

So you take 3 parts Groundhog’s Day, add a healthy covering of 90’s post-Scream slasher films, and lovingly garnish it with Heathers…what do you get? More or less, Happy Death Day. And I mean all of that largely in a good way. Following the travails of a college sorority girl caught up in that Bill Murray-esque quandary (there’s, like, a floating cloud of time loop going around these days or something) only her day keeps ending when she gets murdered by a masked figure. No time to learn the piano or ice sculpture, she’s got to figure out who her killer is, and probably stop being such an awful person herself in the process. While we get that this seems…obvious, we were all rather surprised that we had as good a time as we did. Listen to Chris, Frank, George, and JC break it all down for you. And then go back to the start and do it again. And again. And again…

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