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Highly Suspect Reviews: Blade Runner 2049

I never, ever, EVER, thought this day would come. Even if I allowed myself to fantasize that it would, realistically speaking it was hard not to think that it would be a nightmare, not the sequel to 1982’s classic Ridley Scott sci-fi film that I would often envision in my dreams.

Ok, yes, I (chris) am more than just a casual fan of Blade Runner. There’s a poster of it in my living room. I own two different versions of the Blu-Ray set with five different versions of the film in it. So, I am both the person most suited to love a sequel, and least suited to. Which meant that a lot of people who know me well told me, “I’m waiting to be excited or not based on what you think”. The wait is over. The review is here. I am joined by Richard, Sarah, Lara, and George. We discuss the film at length and yet, we think, manage to avoid spoilers. And you’re just going to have to listen to it to see what we thought. No spoilers for our opinions in the text here either.