Five and Out 161: Childhood Terrors


This week Wes and Steve discuss The Mummy reboot, Cobra’s Halloween costume, and our Top 5 Childhood Terrors! Enjoy!

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What are your Top 5 Childhood Terrors? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!

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1 thought on “Five and Out 161: Childhood Terrors”

  1. 1. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – This is a ride at Disneyland that takes you through the events of the Pinocchio movie. I was probably about 4 or 5, when I went on it and the big thing that scared me was during the scene, where you see Pinocchio locked up in a birdcage, a giant birdcage entraps your ride vehicle for 5 seconds. And I remember screaming and trying to find my way off the ride. And it was because of that, I’ve come to hate that movie.

    2. Fireman Poles – This one is a bit weird but it came about during an elementary school field trip to the local firehouse. When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to be a firefighter and at the end of the trip, my class was given the opportunity to slide down the pole but when I saw it, I got scared and backed away and that started my fear of heights. I wouldn’t even go near the poles at my school’s playground because of that.

    3. The Hulk – Just his rage and how angry, he got was enough to send me cowering underneath a blanket.

    4. Clowns – I’ve always been afraid of clowns and I think this started because my grandfather had a circus themed room in his house and there was a clown lamp in there with a giant smile that made me think that he was leering at me and planning something sinister. And that has made me suspicious of clowns.

    5. King Triton destroying Ariel’s treasures in The Little Mermaid

    King Triton’s giant outburst after Ariel admits her love for a human is just so scary and I remember that this scene scared me more than anything involving Ursula. I find it just so scary that how much Triton’s anger consumes him in this scene.

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