Highly Suspect Reviews: Twin Peaks The Return: The Final Three Episodes


It’s been a great ride but now it’s done, as Chris, Ian, Betty, and Scott talk about the last three episodes in Twin Peaks Season 3, their Grand Unified Twin Peaks theories, and feelings overall about the season.


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4 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Twin Peaks The Return: The Final Three Episodes”

  1. I think the creepy sex as magic ritual theory holds some weight, as it was two people having sex infront of the glass box that first summoned Judy way back in episode 1. It seems like after Coop and Diane have sex in the motel that everything really changes – the motel itself, their own identities – perhaps the version of herself Diane sees at the motel is Linda, who she becomes the next day after this weird ritual… did she even write that note or is that some leftover from this new reality…?
    Jeez, trying to make sense of this shit is hard!! Kudos to you all for doing it for the last 4 months!

  2. I feel like, if Twin Peaks get under your skin, whether it was when the show first aired or whether you went to it after Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive or whenever, if Twin Peaks, or David Lynch, settles itself into your mind as an organic presence, every show afterwards, that doesn’t suck, can be seen as a sequel to Twin Peaks. The Good Place? Total sequel. Bojack Horseman? Everything about it fits into the skein of Twin Peaks. The Deuce? Also. It is such an experiential show that it isn’t just seen, it is incorporated. But at the same time, it is so pure. The soundtracks were not released until after the show was finished. Even they are more like evidence than merchandise. It was a stunning and powerful series that traversed so many levels of meaning, with fictional and out of the series timeliness. Bravo.

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