Highly Suspect Reviews: It (chapter one)


IT is here. IT is what you have been waiting for. IT is the IT movie of the…erm…post-summer. IT is where IT’S at. I could go on like this all day and keep annoying all of you but the upshot is, we loved the hell out of this new adaptation of Stephen King’s coulrophobic¬†novel. Listen to Chris, Patience, Phil, Beau, and Marco rave on.


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2 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: It (chapter one)”

  1. I wish I hadn’t let this review hype me up. For me, the biggest problem with this film is all of the horror stuff. It’s tone deaf, it’s ridiculous, it’s unintentionally hilarious. The beats are so obvious and so repetitive that aside from an occasional visual scare, nothing scared me. Too many bad jump scares or loud noises with the camera shaking.
    The clown is the worst. You never buy the allure. He never feels scary because they are trying too hard to MAKE him scary. The clown is a schizophrenic jittery mess that isn’t scary at all. He’s just distracting. He’s neither scary nor funny. Tim Curry is still the king.
    I hate how bad the horror is because the drama is actually good. The kids are great (the ones that get sufficient screen time), and you buy their problems. I was more terrified of pedo dad than the clown.
    IT is too long. IT is too shallow. IT is not scary. IT isn’t really funny (intentionally at least). The kid actors and the drama save this from being a total disaster. (5/10)

  2. I saw this last night and I completely concur with what you all said (especially Patience and Marco). I also still love the original TV mini series (part of it is because of the nostalgia I have associated with it) but I think this adaptation more than stands up on its own.

    I give this 4 out of 5 near heart failures I had throughout the movie

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