Five and Out 159: Back in my Day…


This week Wes and Steve discuss the insane cost of baby toys, Death Note, play some Family Feud, and our Top 5 Back in my Day (i.e. things our children will know nothing about)! Enjoy!

What are your Top 5 Back in my Day? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!

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1 thought on “Five and Out 159: Back in my Day…”

  1. 5. VHS Tapes – Kids will never know what a VHS tape is and the pain of having to rewind them.
    4. Missing a new episode – With all of the options that kids have available to them nowadays, when it comes to watch TV, kids will not understand that if you missed a new episode of your favorite show, you’d most likely have to wait until the summertime, if they aired repeats to catch that episode.
    3. Pogs – These were a strange little anomaly from the ’90s that future kids will not understand why people in the 90s were crazy for them.
    2. Dewey Decimal System – This one was already mentioned but as a librarian, I’ve seen the death of this one as kids nowadays can use the library’s internet catalogue to instantly find what they are looking for.
    1. Holding a book – With so many things going digital nowadays, kids now and the future can download a new book to the device of their choice and will not understand of going to a library/bookstore and finding a book and the joy of holding that book for the first time.

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