Five and Out 158: Stage to Screen Adaptations


This week Wes and Steve discuss Lin Manuel Miranda, This War of Mine: The Little Ones, and our Top 5 Stage to Screen Adaptations! Enjoy!

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What are your Top 5 Stage to Screen Adaptations? Let us know! Leave a comment or e-mail us at!

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2 thoughts on “Five and Out 158: Stage to Screen Adaptations”

  1. All of mine are musicals, sorry.

    1. West Side Story – There are very few movies that I would consider perfect but West Side Story is one of them and to me, this’ll always be the superior telling of Romeo & Juliet as I think there is so much more heartache and everything just comes together perfectly to tell one of the most tragic love stories ever, that is still relevant to today’s society.
    2. Little Shop of Horrors – This is so high as it’s my favorite screen to stage adaption ever. The characters are all wonderful and likeable and you feel for all of them as the musical goes on.
    3. Jesus Christ Superstar – I think the thing that makes this movie work is how it is able to tell the story of Jesus’s last days in a way that is more digestible for people that were growing up in the ‘70s. Along with having a rocking soundtrack, the biggest highlight of the film is the fact that it was filmed on location in Israel and even though, the movie is presented as an acting troupe telling the story, the location helps you buy into the story that you forget that they are just playing roles in a story.
    4. Hairspray – This one is hard to explain as I don’t like the John Waters movie that was the inspiration for the stage adaption but I love the film adaption of the musical. Looking past that, this movie just has a fun tone that you can’t help but smile at. And John Travolta and Christopher Walken make for a surprisingly cute married couple.
    5. RENT – Rent isn’t exactly a great adaption of the source material but it was my gateway to musicals and the movie does have its share of problems but I still can’t deny that I love it and I always cry during Angel’s funeral, whenever I watch this. Having just seen a touring production of Rent, the flaws of the movies are more noticeable and maybe Fox’s Live production next year, will give it a better adaption but I can’t hate this movie.

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