The Original Gentlemen: Season 4 – Episode 1: Spider-Man


THEOG returns but…different this time around. This season we’re keeping our eyes on the funny books and we figured there was no better timing of a character to start that off with than Spider-Man…and all the various related Spider-Characters (although apologies to Jessica Drew). It’s Martin Thomas. It’s Chris Cox. It’s Jason Murphy, and this first half of the episode is free for everyone to listen to! For part two, subscribers to at the Brown Coat level or above can click here.

Thanks to our fan Michael Graham for the new art!

6 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen: Season 4 – Episode 1: Spider-Man”

  1. I watched Hacksaw Ridge just last weekend, and can whole-heartily recommend it to Jason too. Corny first act, but pretty excellent for the rest of the running time.

  2. Charles Armstrong

    Isn’t this technically Season 4? I have 17 episodes on my harddrive that are all labeled Season 3.

  3. The current direction for Black Cat is not her getting away from Catwoman. It’s Marvel chasing a brief change in the Catwoman character a few years ago that DC did much better and did away with much more quickly when they were done with it. If they were doing something interesting with villain Black Cat, that would be one thing, but the new version is somehow even more boring than the original (a problem that also plagues the current Jennifer Walters Hulk book). The whole purpose of Black Cat was to suggest a more lighthearted path for a constantly guilt-ridden, angst filled Spider-Man (even if it wasn’t legal), but since Dan Slott wants Spider Man to be Iron Man now there’s no point to her character. Dan Slott really needs to transition off of Spider-Man before he ruins it.
    Good Spider books= SpiderGwen, Jessica Drew Spiderwoman (shouldn’t have been cancelled), Renew Your Vows (even if it gets weird).
    Silk needs to die. There is nothing interesting about her character and she is so unlikable that trying to read her book is a chore. It did have a moment of blinding self-awareness though when Silk told Black Cat that you don’t really work as a villain.

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