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Highly Suspect Reviews: Good Time

NYC has often been visualized as a fantasy land, a nightmarish landscape, or even hell itself, and the film Good Time definitely puts the city into the ‘almost a character in the film itself’ category. Robert Pattinson (yes, that one) has a brother who is mentally handicapped but he refuses to admit there’s anything wrong with him. When he makes him go on a bank robbery with him, his brother is captured by the police and Robert spends a hellish night desperately looking for any solution as a way to free his brother.

Directors Ben and Josh Safdie have created something really unique here and kind of insane. Even as it reminds one of Dog Day Afternoon or After Hours, it’s so clearly its own thing. But, that Movie Movbeing said, some people liked it a whole lot more than others. Listen to Frank and Chris hash it out.

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