Highly Suspect Reviews: Game of Thrones Season 7


Review is Here. The Game of Thrones Season 7 review, that is. We talk about all the ups and downs of this penultimate adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s sublime fantasy series. Oh yeah, and we also make predictions for season 8. Check out Chris, Beau, Harris, Cat, and Kim giving this topic their best geek-out.


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1 thought on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Game of Thrones Season 7”

  1. There’s a weird disparity between critical opinion and the actual quality of the writing. Its been decreasing since season 5 and especially with this season, but its still regarded as much better than it is
    The avclub never gives an episode a grade lower than a B and even the emmy’s they win are for episodes with lines like “good girl, bad p***y”

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