Highly Suspect Reviews: Annabelle: Creation


After Ouija 2 did everything right that Ouija 1 did terribly wrong, I thought to myself, “Self…maybe that’s exactly what Blumhouse is going to do with Annabelle 2“. ‘Cause, you know, that first one ain’t exactly The Conjuring, despite being a spin-off of it. Hell, it’s barely worthy of an Asylum rip-off of the idea. So, lo and behold they got director David F Sandberg, fresh off his win with Lights Out, to come on board and try to save this sinking ship with a period-piece prequel film (much like how they saved Ouija 2). Does it work? I mean, sometimes. It’s definitely freakin’ Citizen Kane compared to the first. Listen to Chris, Patience, and JC tell you all about it.


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3 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Annabelle: Creation”

  1. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    i like the idea of spin offs instead of endless sequels when it comes to franchises, especially horror franchises. But i agree that the bludgeoning us over the head with the “shared universe” thing is getting obnoxious.

  2. Good review. One thing I wanna point out though: Blumhouse has nothing to do with this movie or any of the other movies in the Conjuring-verse.

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