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Win a Digital Copy of VEEP Season 6!

This is for all the subscribers in the hoooooouuuuse….

Just for you guys, here’s your chance to win something from and HBO. In this case, it’s a free digital copy of Season 6 of the show VEEP, starring Julie Louise Dreyfuss as the (ex) Vice-President, a show that we’ve called ‘the funniest thing on television’ and that was nominated for three Emmys this year. But how do you win this? I’m glad you asked.

1-Be a subscriber at at any level

2-Have a mailing address in the US we can ship to.

3-Leave a comment with a link to where you posted on your social media a link to this contest WITH you writing something on your social media post about

4-Not be currently a paid employee of (this includes having a free subscription).

5-Wait till Chris picks a winner.

6-Cross your fingers.

Many more contests and cool stuff for subscribers to on the way so become a subscriber now!