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Highly Suspect Reviews: Wish Upon

I’m starting to think there’s a Chinese antique store out there like in Friday the 13th: The Series, that only sells cursed items. This high school girl (Joey King) gets a wishing box (?) from her father (Ryan Phillipe) who is a…dumpster diver? Professionally? You got me. Anyway, box is cursed, as I said, and you don’t have to feed this one after midnight to set it off, you just have to hold it and make a wish. I mean, sure, the wish comes true, BUT someone you know dies. THIS GIRL doesn’t even wish for anything cool. Just, ugh, you know, fucking teenagers. Anyhow, Chris, Patience, JC, and Marco review this one. Man, they shoulda given the box to a oneofus fan, at least we wouldn have gotten a movie where they wish for cool stuff to happen. Lame.

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