Highly Suspect Reviews: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

So, that was a movie we just saw. That’s pretty much what we were saying coming out of Luc Besson’s latest, a sci-fi action film that is kinda a descent into madness. In more than one way. Dane DeHaan plays the protagonist Valerian and Cara Delevigne plays his sister…erm, partner, Laureline. They are an inseparable duo, space-agents (or whatever) that take on the toughest cases in the distant future, one in which thousands (millions?) of alien races have come together, connecting ships to form one planet-sized space station. And this is one of their cases. Clive Owen is here. Ethan Hawke is here. Rihanna is here. It’s colorful and crazy and is most likely to be comparable to The Fifth Element (which large parts of were based on the same source material). But did we like it? Listen to Chris, Marco, Joe, and Scott give their review.


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