Highly Suspect Reviews: GLOW Season 1


The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. That was a real thing in the 80s. There’s a documentary all about them on Netflix you can watch if you don’t believe us. It all seems so crazy, over the top, and kinda racist/sexist, and yeah, it was. But now there’s this new narrative show at Netflix starring Mark Maron, Allison Brie and a HUGE cast of lady wrestlers (or actresses playing lady wrestlers mainly) and it’s all the talk around the watercooler (virtual watercooler, but still). So we got the guys from our wrestling podcast, Thumbtacks and Screwjobs to take the lead here in our review of the first season. Listen to Richard and Gene know what they’re talking about and Elliott and Chris try to keep up.

WARNING: This is a SPOILER cast.


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2 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: GLOW Season 1”

  1. El Pollo Guerrera

    Re: Chris’ question about GLOW wrestlers being more successful after… a few women did move on to wrestle in the AWA and other smaller companies, and a few went into acting, but the biggest would be “Tina Ferrari” Lisa Moretti who would go into the WWF/WWE as Ivory.

    EDIT: Canadian Destroyer = forward somersaulting piledriver… https://i.warosu.org/data/tg/img/0420/12/1440190397546.gif

    1. Richard Whittaker

      AKA why are you trying to land on your own head? Only person that could ever make that really work was Petey Williams.

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