Digital Noise Episode 159: Crackin’ Skulls

Digital Noise

Marco and Chris team up to talk about all the current blu-ray and dvd releases and to fight evil. But what’s this? Dissension in the ranks? This turns totally into one of those Spider-Man versus The Hulk type brawls towards the end as the two heroes can’t see eye-to-eye on one big title. Tune in, True Believers!




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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 159: Crackin’ Skulls”

  1. I’m with you on all points when it comes to “Kong: Skull Island” Chris. Marco, on the other hand, comes off as needlessly acidic. Also, any chance we could get Matt Frank to come on the show in the future and chime in on what his thoughts on the movie? I always look forward to his thoughts.

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