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Watch a Movie With Us: The Mummy

With the oh-so-unsubtle timing of releasing this commentary on the same day as the new bigger and blander Tom Cruise Mummy movie, we’ve gone back to the far-flung year of 1999 for the version of this story that seems to resonate the most with you millennials out there (and young Gen Xers), the Stephen Sommers-directed, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, starring, goofy Indiana Jones+CG wannabe version of the tale. For this one, we’ve got our team of amateur archaeologists: Johnny Neil, Cat and Harris, and giant monster-lover, Matt Frank. Oh, and Chris will pipe in from time to time. So if you’re a subscriber at the Time Lord level or above, you can sync up your movie and settle down for a HYSTERICAL (seriously, I was crying at a few points) commentary with the gang. Check it out right here.

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