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Somebody Likes It Ep 107: Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak”

We’ve been spending lots of time in the 70s, it seems, almost to the point of pricing shag carpeting. Oddly, Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak, their undisputed US breakthrough record and the peak of their notoriety, takes me back…to 2009, when ‘Jailbreak‘ became my antidote to (or respite from) the endless cycle of Michael Jackson tracks on jukeboxes immediately following his passing.

Jailbreak (the song) always seemed to cleanse the palate of the room, if only for the moment, then, and it’s perhaps at least a little ironic that Thin Lizzy also featured a shooting star frontman (an unfortunate double entendre) — Phil Lynott, himself gone too soon. There are some chunks of the Lizzy catalog that are certainly less memorable, and who could blame modern day listeners who have been oversaturated by the prominence of the tracks they know too well. What we cannot hear with fresh ears, might we still appreciate for its immediacy? Only one way to find out.

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