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Movie BS 360: ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Captain Underpants’

0:00 – Hi, Eric enjoyed his trip to Utah, what constitutes a “friend”?
3:20 – Wonder Woman review
15:40 – Captain Underpants review (Bayer only)
21:25 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
25:00 – Eric saw Baywatch, agrees with Jeff
28:00 – This week’s DVDs are Fist Fight, Before I Fall, and Collide, all of which are ehhhhhhhh OK
30:10 – Agent report, and we’re recording a commentary for The Princess Bride
31:50 – Readers Ask Us a Question and Then We Give Them an Answer
36:00 – Introducing Jeff and Eric’s Movie of the Month Club
39:00 – Recap and good day

Wonder Woman: B+ 7/10
Captain Underpants: n/a 7/10

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