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Highly Suspect Reviews: It Comes at Night

Let’s say you’re Joel Edgerton. You’ve got a wife and a teenage son, you’re living in a large (!) cabin out in the woods, your father-in-law just passed away and you presumably (due to the viral apocalypse) don’t have to pay taxes or get a job, just living off the land in peace and quiet. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except It Comes at Night. I mean, not Pennywise (just to be clear), but, you know, it. IT. *sigh* Don’t worry about it. Just watch this movie and tell us who you agree with, Chris, Patience, or Marco who hold three very different opinions about this art-house horror (?) film.

Hey, you can also check out this video that the Deliberations of Doom crew made while going out into the deep, dark, scary woods to watch the advance screening of this film with the wonderful Alamo Drafthouse team.

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