Highly Suspect Reviews: 47 Meters Down

SHARKS! GODDAMMIT SHARKS! Like, not so good for sexy twenty-somethings (or realistically, thirty-somethings, but whatever). At least not in the movies. What in the world would possess Mandy Moore and Claire Holt to agree to go in a rusty old shark cage, attached to a ramshackle boat’s winch chain, in the middle of Mexico, with a bunch of people they don’t know? So, no one’s that’s surprised when the chain breaks and they’re caught in it titularly 47 meters down with hungry great whites swimming around and a host of other problems including, due to extreme panic, that they’re already low on air?  I know I wasn’t. But, despite a distinct lack of surprise, SOME of us were pretty scared. Some of us, PSHAW, not so much. Listen to Patience, Chris, Mike, and our special guest Nick reveal their hidden depths.


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