Digital Noise Episode 155: What is it with “Ghost” movies this week?


Joe and Chris team up in a rock-em sock-em action epic that will have you quaking in your boots as you hear them fight against a horde of deadly assassins from around the globe, on a quest to rescue the lovely Princess Sexypants from the evil Dr. Venomclause. Or, alternately, they review the latest blu-rays and dvds this week. One of those things.



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1 thought on “Digital Noise Episode 155: What is it with “Ghost” movies this week?”

  1. I found “Beauty and the Beast” – MEH! While I did enjoy all the stuff with Luke Evans and Josh Gad and once a while there was some fun visual, the rest felt very halfassed. The musical numbers where unimaginative recreation of the oryginal and everything with the main couple was bland. On top of it I found Emma Watson’s Belle unsympathethic and what’s the deal with that tragic back story of her mother? I have some friends who where in love with this movie and more power to them… for me it was just “meh”

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