Deliberations of Doom Episode 9: New Horror Round-Up


The Doom Patrol returns with a look at some of the more recent horror VOD and Blu-ray releases worth, if nothing else, talking about. And get ready for some SERIOUS debates and different opinions here; the DOD crew stands divided. Check out the titles below and click on them to go to their respective pages for purchase (which, if you use our links, totally helps us out).



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3 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom Episode 9: New Horror Round-Up”

    1. Oh definitely, Jeff that is a very effective found footage Horror flick and the fact that the film makers hadn’t had any real prior experience of making a film before (as far as I remember Cargill saying somewhere), makes this even more impressive.

      And thanks for the nightmarish screen shot Youtube! o_O

  1. I love listening to you guys! I am going to watch all of these, particularly the last movie as I know I’ve heard good things on that too from somewhere.

    I mentioned to Chris on Facebook about a very ultra low budget Horror movie which I personally think is one of the most effective and startling things I’ve seen in a long time and that’s “I Am A Ghost”, My best friend who is a complete Horror nut like myself recommended it to me as he was quite blown away by it and I wholeheartedly agree so I’d love to hear what you guys think should you ever get the chance to see it…

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