We Are Error Reviews: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Ep. 4


Chris and Jon are joined by OneOfUs.net writer and video editor Justin Zarian and Unapologetic Geek Out host Nick Thyes to review TellTale Games’s latest entry in their episodic Walking Dead series. Along with talking about the fourth episode, Thicker Than Water, the quartet have a spoiler heavy discussion on the choices they made throughout the episode.

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3 thoughts on “We Are Error Reviews: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Ep. 4”

  1. I’d been trying to get along with everyone in this game, but this was the episode where I told pretty much everybody to go fuck themselves cos of how stupid they were acting (except Clem of course).
    I wouldn’t have had a problem with them taking the focus off of Clem if I felt her character more closely resembled how she was in the first two seasons. I’ve even restarted the game picking a different set of choices in the ‘recreate story’ option (cos Telltale was too buggy to port my actual choices over) hoping that would help, but I’ve noticed no changes at all. She talks constantly of having never been able to trust or depend on anybody and everyone she’s ever known has just let her down, completely wrong for the choices I picked. I can’t tell if these are glitches or just bad writing.
    Also, I HATE the way this season has forced the Kate romance on you even though the first episode clearly set up both Kate and Eleanor as possibilities. I’ve never reciprocated any of Kate’s comments or flirtations cos I wanted to go for Eleanor, yet everybody the whole game keeps telling me how Kate and I are clearly romantically involved. I was astounded it even gave you a choice to tell her you’re not interested in this episode.

    1. Ah here’s another example where I think having played season 2 makes you less likely to enjoy this season. Especially just talking to Chris about it off mic too. I’m curious to go back and play season 2 after finishing up this season. Maybe I’ll be able to see those mistakes more.

      It is frustrating how Eleanor feels nonexistent the last two episodes though.

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