Highly Suspect Reviews: Wonder Woman


This is it. The big test for the DCU. Can they get past the ignominious previous three films and deliver a solid hit with this new first ever feature film version of Diana Prince’s story? Or will it be met with derision as some have suspected. The early reviews have been very strong, but we all know that can be deceptive. What does the HSR crew think of Gal Gadot starring in this Patty Jenkins (Monster) directed, period-piece, superhero adventure? Chris, Lola, Sarah, Herman, and Marco are here to give you the goods.


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16 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: Wonder Woman”

  1. Given the good buzz behind this thing, i’m wondering less what’s gonna happen to the DCEU(although i do pray they start learning the franchise game better), and more what’s gonna happen to Patty Jenkins. If she plays her cards right, she could play it smart and be a journeyman director like Richard Donner, the director of what seems like this film’s spiritual predecessor, Superman ’78.

    Even though i could see her sticking around for a couple CBMs, i really think going the Donner route of economic filmmaking in different genres is the smart way to go.

  2. Hey Chris the comment about Zack Synder was crossing the line man. He is getting over a family tragic and you kicked him when he was down man. I like your reviews man, but talking bad about him RIGHT NOW was not cool man.

    1. I don’t agree. While certainly it’s in bad taste to dogpile on the guy right now (although there’s ZERO chance he’ll ever listen to THIS podcast anyway), we’re discussing critically the DCU and what has been wrong with it up until now. I’m not going to go, ‘Hey, no all those other films are great” because of a crisis personally he is experiencing right now. Our hearts go out to the man and his family in the wake of this horrible event they are dealing with, but that’s not going to change the fact I haven’t cared one bit for his input in the DCU and I think I’m still well within the bounds of taste to say so in reference to what this film does right that the others did wrong. I’m hardly wishing hatred upon the guy.

      1. Oh, I am sorry Chris Cox. I meant Chris Herman. You are cool man. I was talking about Chris Herman. I am sorry I didn’t make that clear.

          1. How am I crossing a line? I’m not going after Zack Snyder’s family or mocking his recent tragedy. I would never do something like that. I’m talking about his work and influence on these movies.

  3. rullerofallmarmalade

    It was great to hear Sarah back again. I hope that Chris’s comments weren’t to obnoxious and that you would come back more. You were making some really great arguments and points about Black Widow vs Wonder Woman and it was kinda sad to have you occasionally interrupted by Chris saying the equivalent of “boobs are pretty”.

    1. Go listen to the old spill reviews on youtube, all of them talked over each other all the time, stop bloody acting like Chris was doing it out of sexist disregard for her.

  4. I’m glad to hear the movie is good 🙂 I was hoping it will be best of the new DC movies…

    I agree that the actress for WW is misscast and I wish they went for someone buffy’er (before “Batman v Superman” Gina Carano was always my pick) but what you gona do… I agree with the “If you have magic strength you can’t be buff” but at the same time we expect Superman or Thor to look this way so…

    And yes, I’m happy to hear we finally geting a movie with hero who’s a role model, not some cynical Iron-man jerk who I never like (I mean, it’s a funny character… not a character I see a hero)

  5. It makes me so happy to hear that DC is getting back on track with their movies (and this is coming from someone who liked Man of Steel). I don’t think the problem with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad was a lack of talent behind the camera; it’s just that, while I like more of Snyder’s films then I don’t, his sensibilities just don’t really seem to fit these characters, and Ayer probably could’ve made a great Suicide Squad movie if he wasn’t given only six weeks to write the script and didn’t let his movie get chopped into oblivion in the editing bay. Giving these movies to people like Patty Jenkins and James Wan and Matt Reeves, who in addition to being talented seem to understand the material they’re working with and have enough pull to not let the studio interfere, really does give me hope for the future of the DCEU (now let’s just hope that things go well with Justice League. Fingers crossed!).

  6. You're Not My Supervisor

    I think Chris Herman might have a personal problem with Gal Gadot. Almost every review out there says she’s one of the best parts of the movie.

  7. I did want Gina Carano. But Gal was fine. Wished she was more comic-muscular but whatever. That said, we do need another Carano flick. She does leading-man better than most leading men.

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