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Highly Suspect Reviews: Snatched

Amy Schumer’s second cinematic headliner sees her as the ugly American: a shallow, surface-level millennial obsessed with herself and incapable of seeing herself as others do. When her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of a trip to Ecuador together, she is forced to use the nonrefundable ticket to bring her shut-in mother, Goldie Hawn, along with her. Naturally, things are awkward at first, as Amy wants to party and get drunk and Goldie wants to hide out in her room. However, she gets Goldie to agree to go on a small adventure together with a cute local she’s making eyes at, and they are kidnapped by criminals who take them to Columbia. And from there, it’s a mom and daughter on the run through the jungle comedy. Results may vary. Consult your critics (Chris, Lara, and Frank) for recommended dosage.

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