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Highly Suspect Reviews: Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer

Richard Gere is the title character, Norman, a vaguely mysterious (as to where he lives or how he survives) schmucky guy in New York who spends almost all his time on his phone, wandering around on the streets. He is all but stalking Micha Echel, a relatively high-up functionary in the the Israeli government who is visiting New York. To his surprise, his gambit works and after buying the man an expensive pair of shoes, he finds himself on his radar. Although things don’t work out exactly how he hoped in that scenario, flash to years later and Micha has become the Prime Minister. This simple semi-friendship and Norman’s inability to keep from trying to bring everyone he knows together, leads to a fascinating trail to ruin and incredible self-sacrifice. Yeah, we dug it. Chris, Frank, and Marco give you the heads up on the best movie to come out this week.

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