Highly Suspect Reviews: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Why are there so many King Arthur movies/shows? Same reason there are so many Robin Hoods’, Sherlock Holmes’, etc. IT’S FREE AND EVERYBODY KNOWS THEM. Branding heaven. So this studio cozied up the hot, tough, blonde of the moment (Charlie Hunnam) to play a young Arthur before the round table and all that crap, and Jude Law playing the evil Vortigern who killed Arthur’s parents, and said, “Hey, Guy Ritchie, this looks like your sort of thing. Get over here and direct this bitch”. And Ritchie said, “Sure”, and audiences said, “WTF?” including our group of critics: Chris Herman, Richard, Marco, JC, and Patience.


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3 thoughts on “Highly Suspect Reviews: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

  1. It kinda terrifies me that when Transformers 5 comes around, no matter how bad it is (because let’s face it, there’s ZERO chance that it’ll be good), we might be saying “Still a better King Arthur movie than ‘Legend of the Sword’.”

  2. I feel like the old man sitting in the rocking chair, waving around the walking stick and saying “Remember when Snatch was good? Anyone??”

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