Highly Suspect Reviews: Chuck

Do you know who Chuck Wepner is? No? Ok, well, do you know who Rocky is? Yeah? Ok, same thing. At least, sorta. You see, Sly Stallone heard about Chuck, who was known as The Bayonne Bleeder (not the most complimentary of nicknames), who through sheer literal thickheadedness got to the point where he had the opportunity to fight Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title. And despite all prognostications to the contrary, lasted 15 rounds against the Champ. As it turned out, Sly was a fan and wrote Rocky based largely on Chuck. Once Chuck found this out, the party was on.

Liev Schreiber plays the title role and he¬†works with a great cast including Elizabeth Moss, Naomi Watts, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Rappaport, and Ron Perlman. So how come you haven’t heard of this film? Why indeed? Chris, George, and JC review.


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