Digital Noise Episode 153: Movie Reviews at 20,000 Feet


Joe and Chris are together for your pleasure delivering the mad reviews that are tougher than leather. Dropping all the blu-ray deets to all these sick beats and your mind is now better for all these treats. Listen up….*insert sample here* info DROPPED.
And no, I won’t do that again, thanks for asking.



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2 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 153: Movie Reviews at 20,000 Feet”

  1. As far as Asghar Farhadi is concerned, you guys should check out his ’09 film About Elly, which is better than The Salesman and way better than A Separation imo. It’s basically L’Avventura if it was good, but it’s not only good, it’s marvelous. The best example of Farhadi’s talent.

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