We Are Error Ep. 35: Goin’ Crazy


Jon Romo and Christopher Herman talk about the craziest characters to ever be featured in video games on this week’s episode of madness and tomfoolery! Along with talking to We Are Error super-fan (yes, we have fans) Alex Schwieger about Yakuza 0, the duo also cover the best selling games of February 2017, the new trailers for Destiny 2, and the Call of Duty: WWII leak.

Be sure to check out our interview with actor Christopher Randolph, the voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Otacon and Dr. Huey Emmerich!

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5 thoughts on “We Are Error Ep. 35: Goin’ Crazy”

    1. Jack has issues, but I never considered her insane. I always thought of the “Psychotic Biotic” as more of a title. Nolan North’s Deadpool is a great pick! We’ll have to do a sequel to this episode in the future.

  1. Michael Vanderpoel

    Also to go off the Yakuza conversation

    I’ve only played the 4th one. I heard interesting things and saw it on a black Friday sale for like $5 so I thought sure why not. The game is pretty amazing. It is set up like an open GTA world but instead of a whole city and surrounding area it is just a few city blocks and there is no driving. As you run around you get into random encounters with rival thugs and you get to dispose of them in very fun and brutal ways. One guy can even pick up a scooter and smash them with it. The combat was pretty satisfying. The game is littered with so many things to do. Karaoke, pachinko parlors, fishing, tennis, darts, pool, bowling, impressing women at a bar. You can walk around and see random moments happen where you have to do a quick time event to find the right moment to take a photo. One event being a guy who is a panty thief. I’ve been told that some of the women were played by Japanese porn stars. The story is pretty great. This is the first game you can play as more than one character. I really enjoyed this game and would like to play the others.


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