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Somebody Likes It: Episode 99: The Gotobeds – “Poor People are Revolting”

I’m not a sadist. Really. Just because every so often I bring out something like Slippery When Wet or Open Up and Say Ahhhh! that doesn’t mean I enjoy torturing the other show hosts, it just means I enjoy a lively discussion (after all, I have to listen to those albums too). But if you were to just listen to Kevin and Ryan you would think I stuck them in a closet with a Ray Stevens album on repeat (hmmm, note to self: Ray Stevens).

So in the spirit of peace, I brought something to the table I was pretty sure Ryan was gonna eat up and go back for seconds! The Gotobeds – Poor People Are Revolting” did the trick. All the late 70’s post punk/mid-90’s indie rock you could ever want to find in one album. So please enjoy. And don’t start bitching next time I show up with that Ray Stevens record (they call him the streak…)


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