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Highly Suspect Reviews: The Lost City of Z

ZED. The Lost City of ZED…is what I imagined before we recorded this review every one of our listeners from across the pond would be yelling. And so I tried to start us out on the right foot. Still probably said it wrong at some point during the review. Oh well.

Charlie Hunnam plays a British Major who needs some decorations on his uniform if he wants to get out from under the shadow left by his ne’er do well father. So he agrees, despite having a wife, a child, and a second child on the way, to head an exploratory trip to the Amazon jungle to find the beginning of the mighty river. Despite all the complications you might imagine, the trip changes his life and begins him on a quest to prove the existence of an early civilization that once lived there. And if you listen to the review, Chris, JC, and Frank give their reviews to prove they went to go see this 2hr20min film.

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