Deliberations of Doom: Episode 7: The Horror Films of John Carpenter Pt 1


Our horror crew (now calling themselves, The Doom Patrol) may not see eye to eye on every single one of director/writer/composer John Carpenter’s horror movies, but they all agree that he is one of, if not the most, accomplished horror directors ever. So listen to them go down the list of his horror titles and talk about what makes them great, or not so great. Also, we review the oft-compared with Carpenter’s films, The Void, now out on VOD.

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6 thoughts on “Deliberations of Doom: Episode 7: The Horror Films of John Carpenter Pt 1”

  1. This is probably a controversial Carpenter opinion, but I like The Fog better than Escape from New York. Escape has fewer story problems and its more technically impressive, but Escape from New York bores me because of its dated, difficult to connect with story, unlikable and dull main character, and just the lackluster uninteresting nature of the action scenes. The Fog at least has effective atmosphere and likable characters. Escape from New York is too dull to be a thrilling action film and too ridiculous to be a suspense/thriller movie. As far as I am aware it is the most dated of Carpenter’s good era “classics.”
    The Thing is indisputable though. Best film he will EVER make. Halloween is a contender but it still must bow before The Thing.
    I’m curious about The Void. It sounds like The Fog where the atmosphere and effects are good but the story is a mess. Might check it out.

  2. As a subscriber, I am happy to know that my money is going to help this show be available to everyone.

  3. Hearing a bit of misinformation as a John Carpenter nut,

    but I don’t care. I love listening to you guys and love hearing people laud this man. Very underappreciated

    1. I’m curious to know what info you thought was scurrilous. It was all culled from online, and whenever possible, double checked versus information sources, but obviously the capacity for mistakes was there.

      1. Okay first off let me say I hope I didn’t come off as one of those asshole nerds like “Uhm… actually guys, you’re wrong it’s LeviOsa not Leviosaaaw”

        But actually, I’d even say the errors indicate research on your part, and good sources, it’s just where these sources are getting their info that’s to blame. The one that comes immediately to mind is the idea for Halloween coming from musings of a sequel to Black Christmas.

        The director of Black Christmas likes to tell that story and act as though he had a hand in the conception of Halloween. But the story as told from multiple sources at different periods of time (without even reference to Bob Clark) is that Carpenter and Debra Hill were commissioned to write a film called “The Babysitter Murders” about just that. And it was part-way through pre-production that producer Irwan Yablans suggested setting it on Halloween and using the title “Halloween” since no other horror movie had done it yet.

        Which is partly why when you watch the movie, the setting of “Halloween” feels like such an afterthought.

        Other’n that there’s nothing I find majorly objectible. Just unimportant phrasing here and there (Donld Pleasance suggested and Carpenter shot both versions of Loomis’ reaction to Michael’s disappearance and the “I expected this” reaction was the one chosen. But that’s an unimportant technicality.)

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